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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Well, I was going to leave the whole issue of the Middle Kingdom's (MK's) government's censorship of the media to others to lambast, but since they have decided to now block my access to all bloggers' websites (including my own), I've a little missive, and perhaps a lil' diatribe to boot. Since T square the gov't has cracked down on any and all forms of subversion, whether it be a particlur religious sect member (read FG), or any blogspot, whether subversive or not (the point is: no free speech). Not only that but the gov't has also pursued a policy of dangerous, all out, jingoistic nationalism, and has done so to such an insidious extent that the minds of young ones are being infected unawares. Whether it has to do with the Japanese deaf ears and closed mouths about WW II, or America's involvement in Iraq as well as its own human rights violations, the government censors and contrives tendentious news media, mixed with a pride that goes beyond nationalism. In fact, most MK nationals, especially the young, take serious offense if you offer a criticism of their country. Further, Uncle Lu (that is, in lieu of Sam; and it rhymes with the country's current leader) suppreses to the fullest extent freedom of the media in its own country. There are something of the order of 200+ protests daily in the MK, usually caused by the insuperable dichotomy between rich and poor, that NEVER gets reported nationally. If you are interested in learning more, go to the Reporters Without Borders website,, (another blocked site) and look at the article about the all-pervading and censoring news press agency in the MK. This has also been confirmed by other sources, such as an Inner Mongolia local NGO claiming that both of their websites encouraging open discussion have been shut down; and a good buddy of mine who works for a local NGO has verified that the gov't is now cracking down on NGOs to ensure that none of their funding or work is directed towards promoting criticism or rule of law, freedome of speech, any type of 'subvesive' activity, etc...

I admit, the issue is much more complicated than what I have mentioned here. A country whose population is 1.3 billion, who have suffered insults and egregious atrocities without much support perhaps has a right to assert its strength and maintain a system of despotic rule in order to promote serious economic growth, to make its people (at least some) rich and wealthy. Besides, how does one manage a polis of such size? I, for one, cannot imagine how else the countyr otherwise could be governed unless a serious revolution were to take place (which isn't impossible given MK's record). Some MK nationals believe Mr. Lu is slowly striving for such goals, yet I have to see it to believe it.

Well, then. Ahhh. that feels much better. Thanks for listening!


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