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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Law School Books!

We all know that any book for any class in Grad School usually runs around $90 to $150, right? It just so happens that certain publishing houses in America have brokered a deal (yes, this is legal) with publishers in China to publish law books! Yep, and let me tell you, the price difference is staggering! A book that costs $100 dollars (Amazon) costs $4 in China! Brand new, quality not as good but certainly not bad. And yes, in English! So far I have found the following: West Nutshell Series; Palgrove MacMillan Law Masters; Emanuel outlines; Aspen L&B; and Law Press: Criminal Law by Jefferson. I can't believe how fortuitous this is! That means, combined with the marvels of the internet, I can actually preview 1L materials and prepare for my first year law school! It also fills you in on the abuse of book prices in the States. Students already suffer enough with other costs, especially in overpriced California. So any of you other future 1Ls want more info, just let me know.


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