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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More on Biao Yu...

Photo courtesy The New York Times
"Now, a stilted calm prevails, a cover-up so carefully planned that the small town looks like a relic from the Cultural Revolution, as if the government had decided to re-educate the entire population. Banners hang everywhere, with slogans in big red characters proclaiming things like, "Stability is paramount" and "Don't trust instigators."

I found this interesting article in the New York Times that perfectly demonstrates the idea behind the Biao Yus (a previous post). For those of you who have (or haven't) been following the the police crackdown on a Dongzhou demonstration on Dec. 6, where more than a dozen people have so far been reportedly killed, so far the most violent crackdown in China since T square, you can read the article here
It's quite a shocking article and one wonders if it was just a freak occurrence or if the gov'ts policy re: protests is seriously tightening. I've indirectly asked around quite a bit and NOBODY knows about this incident here in the political and cultural capital. Nothing is reported about on TV, in the papers, or on the radio. Everything on the internet is silenced/censored.


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