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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Some New Additions and a Sidenote

I invite you all to check out the new link in the sidebar under miscellaneous entitled "miniature earth" by Italian Alysson Lucca. As a friend put it recently in an e-mail, it gives us two minutes to reflect on the immense diversity of people we share this beautiful planet with. So enjoy! It is a wonderful video.

Also, for those of you who may have tried the "Crazy Cyclists!" link without success, I have now redirected it through , thanks to Chris''s recommendation. These cyclists are riding from Beijing all the way, get this, to England!!, in order to raise funds for those struggling to fight against diabetes. They are now in Iran. I particularly recommend the pics from Uzbekistan. Talk about crazy adventurists!

As a sidenote, please bear with me here as I try to rearrange some of the functions on the site. Some of the Read More! at the bottom of entries actually do not link you any more text. It should be obvious which ones do and don't based on what I've written...But I am in the process of fixing this now...


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