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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A month already.....

I can't believe it has been almost one month since my last post!!! What is happening with time lately? Crazy...Well, things here in Beijing are same ol' same ol'. Got a little story though--an experience that just baffled the hell out of me. I was teaching class a few weeks ago (I teach at a well-known university here in Beijing, Qinghua) and you'd never believe what I encountered. As I was lecturing, one of my students, sitting in the front row, who had been sick for a couple of weeks, started hocking up. I thought, no way. Don't do it man. Please don't ruin another impression. Yep, he hocked up a big green one and simply spat right there on the classroom floor. I was floored. Couldn't believe it. Well, after reaming him a new....okay, I wasn't that hard on him, but he hasn't attended my class since. Feel a bit bad but what the hell did he expect, I'd hock one up in manly accordance and show some sort of solidarity? Not to mention how unhygienic it is. In any case, I am supposed to be preparing these students to study abroad since all will be going to either England, America, or Australia. Lesson learned, eh?

In other news, Chris came down from the hodoo (Mongolia) for a few days to renew his visa and boy did we wipe out the Mongolian impurities from him real quick. Enjoyed a day and evening at one of Beijing's notorious super-service spas, enjoying honey-milk massages, exfoliations, foot massages, saunas, all you can eat buffets, chinese medicine baths (that sting the hell out of the orifices!) shows, etc. all with unbeatable service. For about sixty bucks, you really can't beat it.

Otherwise, been studying Contracts with some buddies and through learning more about the law, I've realized that two things my uncle once told me have been verified: One, Judges really are the closest thing to God. And two, there's nothing like a layman that knows a little bit of law.


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