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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Yep, for all of you three (?) who regularly visit my blog, and others who just happen to pass on through, I've been seriously incognito, incommunicado, but not incapacitated. Yeah, enough of the "time flies by" bs. Thing is, I'm just lazy and life always seems to have certain, though unpredictable, trends for me (and seemingly for everybody). One season I feel prolific, the other indolent. What can I say. It is strange though how at times spontaneity, surprise, soliloquy (that is a bastard of a word to spell!) seem laden in everything I do; then at others life is riddled with unease, uncertainty, and a bit of apathy.

Life certainly hasn't gotten any duller though. Since, when was my last entry, April? Yeah, since April I've been in Beijing most of the time, decided to sojourn in the land of the brave for a brief month in July, seeing friends and relatives. Man, we Americans just eat too friggin much! I have to check myself every time I go out to eat for god's sake. (Norton just detected a godam worm trying to invade my computer!). Land of the 48 oz. Or however big it is. Anyhow, back to the point. Yeah, good seeing family, spending time with some friends, and re-re-readjusting my friggen colon. Yep, not only can you get reverse culture shock but also reverse bowel movements. At least they are all one wipers more or less whereas in this land laden with lard and oil (Beijing) I go through bundles of that soft cardboard stuff. Hmgh, and you thought you had it bad. Not good. Nope, especially when you have a hairy.....well, I won't go there. But just to prove my point, there were the few of us in Mongolia who secretly were members of the "hairy ass club", a support group nicknamed SpreadEagle where we met monthly to commiserate and shave. Some diehards even waxed! What times those were! Not for the lighthearted, no siree.

Otherwise, I have postponed going to law school (that's twice) in order to retake the LSAT (an excuse) and continue studying Chinese (another excuse). HOPEfully I will make to law school in Fall 2007 to commense a gruelling three years, after which I will not only have a JD but less hair and eyeglasses. Can't wait....

Unfortunately, there seems to be so many things to keep aware of these days. It's incredible how hard it is to really get to the bottom of an issue. I mean, I only realized the true history, complexity, and depth of the UN Sanctions on Iraq (while Saddam was still in power) after legion hours of research and a 12 page paper. Now with Israel and Lebanon, Iran, North Korea, etc., Who has the time? Anyhow, yeah, so many issues to be aware of these days, most especially nationally. Some examples: Reporting is going down hill, too much nepotism, environmental catastrophes and insouciance, severe and egregious abuse of so-called presidential powers to cut and paste bills as so desired (but the BAR is on his/their ass!), taxpayer money thrown away (i.e., $34 billion squandered by the Homeland Security Department ) while student loans, awards, and grants decreased and borrowing rates increased (from 2.5 to 6% or more! just this july!). Iraq is in a civil war practically (about 100 people dying each day) while the Taliban are retaking southern parts of Afghanistan. Proxy wars in Somalia, offering India loads of nuclear fuel (arguably beginning some sort of proliferation war). Israel and Lebanon, and then there's North Korea and Iran.....Not to mention that in Southern China there was just a Caninocide. What? Yep, go check out at CNN. A few rabies cases and the local gov't decides your dog (actually, about 50,000) be taken away, beaten to death in front of your eyes and guess what, you have no recourse or redress. I think it was Paul Theroux (btw, Thanks Alec, I did read it and it was awesome!) who mentioned China's iron fist policies.

Chinese is going pretty well. I will be posting some more Cheng Yu's soon. Also thinking about applying to that Fulbright I always wanted...We'll see...


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