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Friday, September 15, 2006

Go Eliot Spitzer!

Delightful news! Spitzer won! Now governor of New York, once NY Attorney General, this guy deserves kudos, respect, and admiration. This is a man who is principled, charismatic, charming, impassioned, and extremely articulate. This man not only brought the once little-heard of but extremely important job as Attorney General into the limelight, but did so with an unabated energy and panache, taking on cases that AGs typically avoid. This led to successes in exposing and eventually prosecuting successfully those companies, corporations, etc. responible for things like the excesses of Wall Street (late trading and market timing, aka insider trading), white-collar crime, securities fraud, internet fraud, environmental destruction, corporate scandals, inflating stock values, and many others. In a word, he believes America was built in part on and still has the potential to maintain high national standards of conduct. He deserves admiration and I hope one day he will run for president. You can watch a clip of him here.

The first time I heard about this man, I was watching a CSPAN2 broadcast of him speaking at some event. I was amused by one of the stories he told: Having a family dinner one night, he asked his daughter, who I believe is in her early teens or something, what her favorite word is. She said "I don't have one dad but I know what yours is." Oh yeah, he said, what is it? "Fiduciary duty"! Very telling.


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