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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some Spontaneous Words

Some spontaneous words I wrote during the last four years, mostly in Mongolia:

  • Life is complex, the human soul an imbroglio! The grass grows, the rain comes, the river runs, and dries, and dies. Mountains rise, mountains wash away—indeed—the earth constantly changes, metamorphosing a billion years becomes one month in the life of caterpillars. As the world changes, we live and die, let live, let die. But who sees the silhouette of the butterfly at dusk, at dawn? Life goes on….
  • Did you see it? There it goes! A seed was traveling, carried with the wind. Where will it land? This my good and humbled friend, is life.
  • I can only offer you that which god has offered me: a mind, a heart, a soul; and a voice to express them all.
  • One taste of the lavish life, like a potent drug, leads you always longing for more.
  • That place where you find yourself and lose yourself. The only place where security and insecurity fall away, and you are left with only your self. This is the place I strive to live in, to base my relations and reality—‘tis the alpha and omega, the genesis of my being. Boundaries collapse and where am I to go but nowhere. That is beauty, that is pure feeling, pure self.
  • What would wisdom be without sharing it?
  • Like the innocence of a star, you’ve touched me.


  • and as with the glimmer of the star, you deceived me...beguiled with the light of a long forgotten past.

    By Anonymous rivafilia, at 6:38 PM, September 20, 2006  

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