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Saturday, October 07, 2006

And I Thought I Was Hardcore!

A good friend of mine, Laura, is currently serving in Peace Corps Togo in West Africa. She's been there for about a year now (in fact, I am about to send a package to her of goodies) and has really been do some amazing things in her community. She's spirited, courageous, candid, fortified in character, and just a naturally sweet person. You can visit her link in my sidebar if you are interested in reading about her humorous and riveting experience. One particular of which is her battle with nature! Here is an excerpt:

"So, that's a summary of some of the major stuff going on currently. That oughtta hold ya for a month. ooooh, but I forgot also to tell you about the creepiest bug yet I've had to deal with: I think I had a Tumbu fly! They lay their eggs in wet laundry drying in the sun, and if you wear it within the first 3 days of said drying (I forgot just once!), the eggs will hatch and burrow into your skin, and then the larva matures 8-9days later, forming this huge and very painful boil, then wriggles out as a fly -- leaving a big hole (well, size of my pinky nail), and a traumatized host. It was a very painful few days, but it got better immediately after the hole finally appeared, and I didn't have to see it come out, thank god."

Now ain't that a treat! And I thought I was hardcore in Mongolia fending off the seven-month subzero temperatures. Think again...:) I'd choose weather versus bugs any day! Keep at it Laura!!


  • i heard about tumbu flies from a friend in med school, he said to kill the larvae before it hatches inside you, one jsut has to put heavy butter over the boil to deprive the larvae of oxygen which it needs to develop. once the larvae is dead, the boil will then harden, then one can ask someone to pop the larvae out of the boil much like popping a zit. gross but at least one won't have a golf course on ones back!

    By Blogger Rivafilia Estoque, at 7:42 PM, October 07, 2006  

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