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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back in Beijing For Better or Worse :)

It is FINALLY over! Yep, the LSAT stress, studying, assiduous perusing, stultifying anxiety-- all over baby! I feel pretty good about the exam. The part I worried about most was the games section, which though during the practice tests I didn't do badly on, nevertheless was my worst section in terms of overall performance. But on this test either they were easier than usual or I just happen to be in moment of great clarity. I feel I got them all right and I even finished early. However, the reading comprehension section was much more difficult than usual so I suppose the testmakers did this on purpose? Anyhow, I get my results in exactly three weeks--the same day my father and Paige come. Can't wait....!

<--Looks fake doesn't it? Hong Kong

Is it good to be back? Not really. It's funny how you don't really know what you are missing until you've walked right into the middle of it! Though I was only in Shenzhen and Hong Kong each for two days, it was like "one taste of the lavish life always leaves you longing for more." The differences between Beijing and Shenzhen, not to mention Hong Kong, are dramatic. And I was constanly asking myself, what the hell am I doing living in Beijing?! I realized just how rude Beijingers are and how bad the pollution weighs on one's sanity. Shenzhen and Hong Kong are much cleaner, especially Hong Kong, which has a high population density but somehow manages to keep extremely tidy and clean. I was shocked at the contrast with Beijing. And the people in Hong Kong, especially Shenzhen, are just plain nice! That was a very welcome surprise. I met more people in five days than I meet in Beijing in three weeks! There was no friction in conversations and people actually smiled! Holy crap! Couldn't believe it. And imagine this: when I had to exchange renminbi for HK dollars in Shenzhen the woman at the bank told me the formalities are formidable for foreigners; and then she said, "forget it, just use my id number and information"! My god! That would NEVER happen in Beijing! And by far the most eerie thing was absolutely no bicycles in either cities! Seems like they're as taboo or faux pas as rabid dogs or something. Another thing about Hong Kong is that it has a vibrance and ambiance that is unique and addictive, a pace of life that calls for more and faster, more and faster.... Not sure if I could live with this for an extended period. But case in point, sometimes I couldn't even slow down on the street or stop to look at some stores! I had to move to the side! The opposite in Beijing. Usually I am passing people wondering how they can walk and move so slowly. Futher, the whole time I never saw anyone spit, litter, yell, or argue. I heard just one car honk and, believe me, I was in a bustling little place of Hong Kong, called Yau Ma Tei (油麻地)。 A great place to stay that was introduced to me by Wang Wei--my Chinese friend who hooked me up a place to stay in Shenzhen. Amazing array of little shops, myriad small quaint restaurants, and a lot of small labrynth-like alleyways to explore. Thank you Wang Wei! She is soo cool! And very courageous following her heart's desire down to Shenzhen. Former teacher, now friend, I am happy we met again. She almost convinced me to move down there too! If it weren't for that internship, I probably would have given it some serious consideration. All in all, everything worked out without a hitch. And it's good to be back, for now...


  • Yeah, you are right, Shenzhen and HK are cleaner, faster.
    but I know in Shenzhen the public security is not very good, a girl dare not to walk herself in the evening outside.

    By Anonymous , at 6:27 AM, December 04, 2006  

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