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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Law School Apps About Over!!!

Well, five down and one to go. Finished Boalt, Loyola, Southwestern, USC, and USF. Now just UCLA. This is it, just have to finish this last application and then begins the dreadful penumbra of waiting till as long as April until I find out who accepts, rejects, or waitlists me. I definitely got a little obsessive-compulsive on these since the deadlines for law schools are between February and April, depending on the school. What's great though is that submitting applications electronically (the first time I've used this service) through LSAC is incredibly convenient. Once one has submitted all of the necessary documents, such as the LORs, resume, personal statements, which are stored in files on the website, it takes not more than 15 minutes to finish each application and have it sent off. No downloading of forms, no sending in checks, nothing. All computerized and converted to PDF, then automatically forwarded to the law schools. Saves a hell of a lot of time and postage fees, and saves myself from my embarrassing and atrocious penmanship! Though the LSAC $12 fee per law school is bearable, the law school app fees themselves are killers. Between $50 and $75 per application. Terrible. I guess that's just a precursor to law school, which just tuition alone will run about $30,000 per year unless I go to UCLA or Boalt, which, being state schools, will discount it a bit.


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