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Thursday, November 30, 2006

On a different note...

A friend wrote me an email and said that she never thought I could be so serious until after she saw my blog! So this is to lighten up the entries a lil' bit.

I had a dream the other night....

We went to Wudaokou to eat at a Korean restaurant and so the drinking began VERY early, perhaps 7pm. Then we went to meet five others (two Yankies, two Chinese, and a Korean) at a Korean bar/pub. In fact, Liu Chengfu was there! We invited him to come and it was good to see him again. Problem is, neither Igor or I remember much of seeing him! We were drinking heavily at the Korean restaurant, then went to the pub and even drank more, a lot more. Don't ask me how but I knew it was november 11 (11/11), singles day in China! And everyone except Liu Chengfu was single, so we drowned our sorrows in alcohol. I had no idea how much i drank until suddenly I realized it was WAY too much and immediately told Igor "I'm going". I had to get home. It was only 10:30. Well, long dream short, the taxi driver's retched perfume induced incessant puking the entire way home and the poor female taxi driver had to stop for me to take a dump on the street! I crawled back into the taxi with my pants down to my ankles!!!! Poor woman! Thank god it was JUST a dream. Anyhow, barely made it home. Gave the taxi 100 kuai. Got in my house and passed out on the floor immediately. Igor wasn't too familiar with where I lived, so when he left wudaokou later, he simply told the taxi: Go to the hutongs!!!! funny! Anyhow, he miraculously made it back to my house but couldn't get in because you have to have a security card (which is strange--who woulda thought a security card for a siheyuan!?). So he threw small stones at my window. Of course, I was passed out, didn't hear a thing and while he was picking up rocks, he found my wallet on the ground!!!! Well, next thing he did was break my fucking window! I still didn't hear it! And so he went to a hotel and we met the next morning, both laughing. Then I woke up. Never thought a dream could be so vivid and...well, inane.


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