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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Behind The Times

In the past few days I heard references to the words "Torrents" (actually BitTorrents) and "FTP" (File Transfer Protocol) and had no idea, none, nil, zilch about what the hell they were or meant. So I've done some Wikisearches and blog searches to find out a little bit more about these two, what I came out to find are, online services.

Torrents basically allow large files to be distributed and apparently are mostly used to file-share. For example, I can download (parts?) of Wenlin--a chinese language program--or even documentaries, shows, music, etc. for free using torrents.

FTP is a service that as far as I can tell allows one to transfer files (or to backup files) to an external server and share them with others if so desired. Apparently it is also used in designing or building webpages. I think some charge a fee, others don't depending on if your internet provider offers the service???

As you can see, I am still not too clear about all of their functions or uses. Anybody got some good info or tips they want to share about them?

Another service I am not familiar with is RSS feeds. I guess I am just too lazy to really go and check! Again, any tips would be great. And as I find out myself I will post more...Cheers!


  • Funny! I just learned how to use FTP two years ago and RSS stuff last month. Don't feel bad I think we missed that generation somehow, or we just never cared.

    By Anonymous Brian, at 11:18 AM, December 10, 2006  

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