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Saturday, December 02, 2006

To be fat or not to be fat, and where

An article in the NY Times came out on the effects of obesity in the U.S., statistically proving it stifles professional and thus economic mobility, creates much higher living expenses (i.e. insurance premiums, health costs, etc.), and leads to marriage discrimination. Weight discrimination is stronger than racial discrimination they argue. And it's stronger against overweight caucasian than overweight caucasian men, whereas there is less against heavier black women, that caucasians are more accepting of heavier black women whereas blacks in general are more accepting of overweight people in general.

More interestingly, it points out that the upper classes in America are significantly less overweight, are thinner than the lower classes, live longer, and are in better health. That brings up the chicken-egg question they point out: what stifled mobility, weight or class?

Anyhow, in China I would argue it is the opposite to some extent. At least amongst men, the richer, the more overweight, and the poorer the thinner. In fact, to be overweight is perhaps even a status symbol. The more money you have, the easier to get married and find a spouse. I don't know about career potential though. That's quite fascinating to think about actually. Why the hell is it that poorer Americans are so much more obese? It's usually thought that as one becomes wealthier, they can enjoy more luxurious food, eat more lavishly, and thus gain weight, which seems to be the case in China. Why is it the opposite in America?


  • Haha, I think perhaps the food in US contain much more calorie such as coke and fried chip and etc which the poor can easily afford, while the rich can get more healthier food and have time and money to do all kinds of sports. In China, in the past, only the rich can have oily food.(oil is expensive)~~I think so~~

    By Anonymous , at 10:57 PM, December 02, 2006  

  • "Weight discrimination is stronger than racial discrimination they argue"haha! of course because weight is more immediately perceivable by others than social standing which one can hide by pretending.

    "it points out that the upper classes in America are significantly less overweight, are thinner than the lower classes, " "THAT'S HOT!" Paris Hilton is a living testimony to this...why are they more in shape? because the shops they shop in don't usually carry plus sizes...and because they have the money and the time to keep's ridiculous, there's a yogi diet center in in florida where a patron pays $3000 a day for a meal that has no salt, less sugar and gluten meat substitute!! they pay to be starved! i say they just have to live in africa or some other third world countries!ever wonder why most volunteers like the PCV are fit?

    in the philippines, it is quite the opposite. the poor are lean and are more healthy because they can only afford to buy veggies and fish. meat is too expensive and is usually for special occassions only. and also because they usually do manual labor. but that doesn't mean they live longer.

    judging from my weight, i say i've been poor all my life! hahaha

    By Blogger Rivafilia Estoque, at 5:13 PM, December 03, 2006  

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